Have you used UAccess systems to solve a problem in your department? Have you improved a process using customized Analytics reports or Project Codes or Organization Review or some other set of UAccess tools? Units across campus are making the UAccess systems work for them in all sorts of creative ways. And we want to hear about it!

The UAccess Community Speaker Series is the way to do it. But we can't do it without you! You have the knowledge, ideas, and innovation. And your colleagues across campus can benefit from hearing more about what you are doing.

Currently, your colleagues have started--or are exploring--developing presentations on:

  • Creating Simple Reports in Adaptive Planning
  • Creating Simple Reports in OfficeConnect

What might you have to share?

As part of the Speaker Series, we will help you craft a presentation and promote it to campus. Contact us at uitsworkshopteam@list.arizona.edu to let us know what topics you might be interested in working on.

Thanks for supporting your community!

UITS Workshops: http://uits.arizona.edu/workshops