UAccess Symposium

When: Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Where: North Ballroom, Catalina Room, and Rincon Room at the Student Union Memorial Center

The 2020 UAccess Symposium brings together University of Arizona staff and faculty who are interested in furthering the use of UAccess systems in their workplace. The Symposium provides a forum to discuss ideas, find resources, connect with colleagues, and learn about best practice approaches.

Registration will open in early March, 2020.

Presentations and Presenters

Our presenters come from all across campus, and they will be coming to tell you all about their particular business processes or what specific challenge, obstacle, or issue they've successfully addressed in their organization. Each of the presentations will definitely have broad appeal. You just have to decide where your interests lie.

Presentation Title: Subtitle | Liesl Folks, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Two- to five-sentence write-up/presentation description.

The Student Center Modernization Project | Eileen Seegmiller, Senior Business Analyst, Student and Academic Technologies, UITS

The Student Center Modernization Project is guided by user-centered design practices to provide students with an improved user experience for UAccess Student. A modern, UArizona-branded design will highlight and clarify the most critical interactions at each point in a student’s progress. The initial phase of the project scheduled for February 2020 focuses on common transactions such as class search, enrollment and financial aid. For these transactions, the modern Student Center will deliver streamlined workflows, increased accessibility and optimization for mobile devices and tablets.

Intro to Analytics | Samantha Sowerby, Manager of Finance & Administration, Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences, College of Ag & Life Sciences and Jessica Thornburg, Senior Project Manager, Office of Strategic Initiatives

Two- to five-sentence write-up/presentation description.

Manager Self Service for Beginners | Andrew Wang, Research Administrator, RDI Business Services, and Fiona Chen, Senior Accountant, Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy

Learn about the top five MSS topics regarding new-hire employees.

Be sure to bring a couple of business cards, as there may be a vendor give-away!

UAccess Student Power User | Inara Lysne, Senior Developer, Student & Academic Technology, Information Technology

Do you want to find students faster? Do you want to enter data more efficiently? Do you want to customize UAccess Student for your personalized needs? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this presentation is for you!

Academic Program Financial Forecasting and Reporting | Silvia Xu, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, College of Nursing

Financial forecasting and reporting for academic programs has been one of the most important things in my job, as such data is very helpful for the college leadership team when making decisions. A few people have reached out to me to see what the College of Nursing has done. Although each college/unit has different financial structure, it can be helpful to share what we have done with the finance community in order to deepen the conversation on this topic.

Internal Control | Stacey Lemos, Assistant Vice President & Comptroller, Financial Services Office

Two- to five-sentence write-up/presentation description.

    Lunch - 12:00-1:00 PM

External Awards and Scholarship | Christine Wong, Manager, Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid, and Michelle Mixer, Project Associate Director, Scholarships, Development Office

Two- to five-sentence write-up/presentation description.

Axiom: UArizona's New Budget System | Garth Perry, Assistant Director, Office of Budget and Planning and Rosa Fung, Director, Business and Financial Analysis, College of Medicine

Two- to five-sentence write-up/presentation description.

Best Practices for Hiring Students | Richard Chavez, Coordinator, Personnel Affairs, College of Medicine

Two- to five-sentence write-up/presentation description.

Be sure to bring a couple of business cards, as there may be a vendor give-away!

Discussion Panel / Q&A 
Moderator Steve Singkofer, Analytics Outreach Coordinator, UAIR

Fill out the form in your Symposium packet and drop it in the box at the Registration desk throughout the day (but by 2:30 PM). We will collect your questions, collate them, and pose as many of them as possible to our illustrious panel during this one hour session. Time may be available for additional questions from the floor. You may also submit your questions online until March 29th.

Scheduled panelists are Ravneet Chadha from University Analytics & Institutional Research, Abbie Montenegro from Workforce Systems, Alex Underwood from Office of the Registrar, Garth Perry from the Office of Budget and Planning, a representative from Sponsored Projects, and another from the Financial Services Office.


If you have any questions, please contact the UAccess Symposium Team.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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North Ballroom, Catalina Room, and Rincon Room at the Student Union Memorial Center