Frequently Asked Questions

The UAccess Community is a professional networking website designed for members of the University of Arizona community who use any of the various UAccess systems. It's a place where you can ask questions, get the latest information on events and training, access business resources, and share your expertise.

The first thing to do is to join the discussion forums (you must be logged in) so you can identify categories that interest you and configure your email notification settings accordingly. The discussion forums include questions from users like you and answers from experts—many of whom are also users like you!

Then, browse through the Resources menu to see what business office or system resources will be of use to you.

You will also want to look at the Events to see what's coming up that you might want to know about: a Speaker Series presentation or the annual UAccess Symposium.

When you visit the Forums pages, you will be prompted to log in with your UA NetID and Password. If you are not a member of the UAccess Community, you must create an account.

  1. Click the Forums header and enter your NetID and password when prompted.
  2. Click the Approve button on the Authorization screen.



The discussion categories are organized by UAccess system. Watch the categories that deal with the application(s) you use. You can ask questions or provide answers. Don't hesitate to pipe up if you have information that might be useful! We're all here to help one another as we learn.

  • UAccess Analytics: Watch this category if you are interested in more information about navigating and using shared dashboards. Discussing custom analyses, filters, prompts, and Lists. Suggestions additions or modifications to existing tools.
  • UAccess Budget: Watch this category if you are interested in the latest updates occurring in Budget.
  • UAccess Employee: Watch this category if you are interested in more information about Time and Labor, Manager Self Service, Employee Self Service, Position Cross-Reference, Payment Request, or other functions related to Human Resources and Payroll.
  • UAccess Financials: Watch this category if you are interested in information about financial transactions, accounting, and purchasing functions.
  • UAccess Learning: Watch this category if you are interested in learning more about this enterprise-level training management system that administers and tracks training in a single system.
  • UAccess Research: Watch this category if you are interested in grant applications, Grants.gov, IRB functions, and all things sponsored projects.
  • UAccess Student: Academic Advising: Watch this category if you are interested in degree audits, advisor notes, and/or degree audit exceptions, and other academic advising tools.
  • UAccess Student: Course Scheduling and Catalog: Watch this category if you are interested in scheduling classes (the new greenbar process), updating and managing the Schedule of Classes, or updating the Course Catalog.
  • UAccess Student: Financial Aid: Watch this category if you view students’ financial aid information or post departmental awards to student accounts.
  • UAccess Student: Student Financials: Watch this category if you need to view student financial information such as student account and billing information, payments for tuition, and fees and miscellaneous campus charges.

We created a separate document for Recommended Email Settings.

The best way to ask a question and ensure that the right people see it and can answer it for you is to post the question in the appropriate discussion forum.

Choose the forum you are interested in from the Forums menu. (You'll be prompted to log in if you haven't already done so.)

From there, click the New Topic button and start typing your question.

When you enter text into the body of the question, the Your topic is similar to… window appears to the right. This window displays other topics (possibly even in other categories) that have similar key words to the one you are creating. You can click through the list of topics to see if the question has already been asked. You can do all this without leaving your New Topic window. Click on the small x or press Esc on your keyboard to close the Your topic is similar to… window.

Complete your question and click the Create Topic button on the bottom left side of the screen.

When you post a new discussion topic, you automatically receive email notifications when someone replies to your topic.

If you would like to be notified when someone replies to a topic you did not create, you need to set your notification settings to watch the topic.

Start by locating the Notification button at the bottom of the page for the specific discussion you want to watch.

  • Click the notification button (where it says Normal)
download normal




  • Choose Watching to receive emails when someone replies to the topic. 
    (There is no Save button for this action)
download watching

The search field for all discussion forums will always be accessible from the top right corner of any page within the discussion forums. It’s awesome. Try it!

In order to be notified about new forum posts in your discussion categories, you need to watch those categories.

There are two ways to accomplish this (you must be logged in):

First Method - User Preferences:

Locate and click the User icon at the top right of the screen. The default User icon is the first initial of your last name.

z download







Click on the Preferences icon. It looks like a gear or cog.

download cog









Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Categories section.

Click in the box below the Watched label and start typing the word UAccess. A list of categories (forums) will appear. Simply choose the categories from which you wish to receive email notifications.

Save your changes.

Second Method - Category Home Page: (You can also set notification for categories on the home page for each category.)

Visit the Forums page to see a listing of all discussion categories.

Click on the icon or heading for the categories you are interested in. You will be taken to that category’s home page. If you are not yet watching that category, you will see an empty circle on the notification button in the upper right corner of the page.

download circle








(If you see an exclamation mark, then you should already be receiving email notifications for new forum posts in this discussion category.)

Click the notification button and choose Watching (The exclamation mark).

download !




You can edit your global email settings for the UAccess Community in the Preferences page.

Locate and click the User icon at the top right of the screen. The default User icon is the first initial of your last name.

dl z









Click on the Preferences icon. It looks like a gear or cog.

download cog









You can modify quite a few email settings. However, you should use the Category settings to ensure you are notified about activity in specific categories.

We also created a separate document for Recommended Email Settings.

We’re sorry to say the RSS feed is not available as of June 1st, 2016.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Questions about the software--how to use it, problems you're encountering, best practices--are best asked in the appropriate discussion forum, as that's where the widest range of experts will see the question and be able to answer it for you.

If you have a question specifically about how to use the UAccess Community, you are welcome to send a message directly to the site administrators. If you have a question about workshop offerings, you can email the UITS Workshops and Training Team.

Forum Tips and Helpful Hints

  • Functions found at the upper right are: 
    Search, your user icon (access to your profile), and the  (additional navigation) menu.
  • Selecting a topic title will always take you to the next unread reply in the topic.
  • While reading a topic, select the progress bar at the bottom right for full navigation controls.
  • Quickly jump back to the top by selecting the topic title.
  • Enter ? for a list of super-speedy keyboard shortcuts.

Please refer to the "How do I ask a question?" FAQ above.

  • The continual scrolling feature means you don't have to click a Next button to continue reading posts, just keep scrolling down!
  • As new replies or new topics arrive, they will appear automatically – no need to refresh the page.


gray reply


  • To reply to the topic in general, use the reply button at the very bottom of the topic.


  • To reply to a specific person, use the reply button on their post.


  • To reply with a new linked topic, use the Reply as linked Topic button to the right of the post. Both old and new topics will be automatically linked together. (Use this feature when you'd like to share a related topic, but you do not want to interrupt this conversation.)

Replies are auto-saved until you cancel, even if you finish on another device.

Your reply can be formatted using simple HTML, BBCode, or Markdown (http://commonmark.org/help/):
Want to learn Markdown? Take this fun 10 minute interactive tutorial! (http://commonmark.org/help/tutorial/)

    This is **bold**.
    This is <b>bold</b>.
    This is [b]bold[/b].

  • To insert a quote, select the text you wish to quote, then press any Reply button. Repeat for multiple quotes.
  • To notify someone about your reply, mention their name. Type `@` to begin selecting a username.






  • To use standard Emoji (http://www.emoji.codes/), just type `:` to match by name, or use the traditional smileys `;)`


There are action buttons at the bottom of each post

download 10




From left to right these buttons allow you to:

  • like someone's post, letting them know you enjoyed and appreciated their post
  • share a link to a post,
  • bookmark the topic or specific reply for later reference
  • Reply to the specific post (as apposed to the entire topic)

  • When someone replies to you, quotes your post, or mentions your @username, a number will immediately appear at the top right of the page.
download a





  • You can receive email digests as often as every 30 minutes (wow) or as little as every two weeks.
  • Any topic you've actively participated in (by creating, replying, or reading for an extended period) will automatically be tracked.
  • You can change your notifications for any topic via the notification control at the bottom of the topic.
watching download







  • You can also set a notification state per category if you want to watch every new topic in a specific category.
  • You can customize your User icon or User card background image. Your User icon is visible near any post or replies you enter. Your User card is visible when another user clicks on your User icon near any post or reply you have entered.

When using a mobile device to view the discussion forums, be sure to select the mobile view from the  (additional navigation) menu.

Enjoy your community!