Multiple departments across the University offer training that is useful—or even essential—for business office employees. More and more training is being moved into UAccess Learning. But not all is there yet. 

There is currently a project underway to develop a cross-department business office curriculum. For more on that project, visit the Business Office Curriculum Project page. 

Not all of this training is appropriate or necessary for business office employees; however, business office employees are frequently responsible for helping other employees in their unit find appropriate training. Hopefully this list will help.

Offering Department

Training Description

Budget Office

Includes links to documents that cover using the Budget System, Transfers of Funds, and other topics. Page only works in Internet Explorer. 

Financial Services Office

Training on Travel policies, Cash Handling & Receiving, and other financial policies and procedures.

Grad College

Graduate Assistants in Teaching Orientation (GATO). Required for all grad student instructors. 

Human Resources

Professional development training, including management and supervisory skills, communication and professional skills. Required and optional training for new employees. 

New Employee Orientation (to enroll yourself) | Center for Professional Development

Information Security Office

Elevated privileges training and security awareness training. Special training for web developers. 

Office of Instruction and Assessment

Courses on effective teaching and educational technology for faculty and Teaching Assistants. 

Office of Research & Discovery

A range of training for researchers and lab employees.  

Office of Institutional Equity 

Harassment prevention training must be completed by every employee within their first 30 days of employment. 

Procurement & Contracting Services

Purchasing policies and procedures, including PCard. 


FERPA training and documentation covering privacy of student information.

Risk Management

Safety and compliance training, including lab safety and high occupancy vehicle training. 

University Information Technology Services 

Training on UAccess systems, UAConnect (email), and other institutional IT services. Offers online training on a wide variety of applications through Microsoft IT Academy and UACBT.

If you know of other departments offering training that is not included in this list and should be, please contact us to let us know. We will add it to the list.