• Allison Vaillancourt - Campaign for Common Sense
  • Brian Berrellez - Academic Dashboards for Admins, Deans, Etc.
  • Laurel Wadlund - UAccess Provisioning Gets a Makeover
  • Mary Griffin - Postcards from the PCard Trenches
  • Sarah Wieland - Proactive Advising Using Analytics
  • Suellyn Caywood - Top Financials Questions
  • Melanie Cooley - Managing Employee and Student Training
  • Lisa Rulney - Responsibility-Centered Management
  • Great Event! I'm already looking forward to next year!
"People learn socially at work. We automatically ask those close to us for help, but they may not be the best people to ask. Social enterprise tools can help expand our social learning networks. Understanding that social learning is natural, we should look at ways to support and enhance it."
~ Harold Jarche
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  • Catherine Zavala - Varied Views for All Active Employees
  • Lori Schultz - The Future of UAccess Research
  • Heather Jepsen - Smart Planner
  • Sergio Canez - Course Scheduling
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