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This page is for project updates. 

Have you ever wondered what training your new employee needed to take and how to find it? Ever need to know whether an employee has completed all their required trainings? Or does your department deliver training and you have struggled to cobble together a system that allows learners to register for that training? UAccess Learning is your answer.

Human Resources and University Information Technology Services have partnered to implement UAccess Learning--an enterprise-level PeopleSoft system that will allow the University to administer and track employee (and student) training in a single system. 

Not all University training will be available in UAccess Learning when it first launches. It will take time to set up each department that is interested in offering their training through UAccess Learning. However, as each interested department moves to UAccess Learning, their training will become available through it. 

What does UAccess Learning do?
  • Administer instructor-led and online training classes.
  • Track enrollment in and completion of training modules. Online classes track best when they are built to be AICC- or SCORM-compliant.
  • Manage waitlists for training with limited capacity. 
  • Track certifications and notify people when they are due for recertification. 
  • Enable supervisors to view training their employees have completed and assign them additional training. 
  • Provide departments with reports of completed employee training.
UAccess Learning does not:
  • Create online learning modules. It is not a content creation system.
  • Track completion of online learning modules that are not AICC- or SCORM-compliant.
UAccess Learning functions under consideration:

The implementation team continues to work with auxilliary and academic units to determine both which UAccess Learning functions are phase one priorities and how feasible each function is to implement at the University. 

  • Tracking external professional development, such as conference attendance or off-site trainings.
  • Integrating with third party online learning providers, such as SkillSoft and CITI, to track completion of their modules. 
  • Administering department-internal training offerings in addition to campus-wide offerings.

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