Forum Tips and Helpful Hints


  • Functions found at the upper right are:
    Search, your user icon (access to your profile), and the (additional navigation) menu.
  • Selecting a topic title will always take you to the next unread reply in the topic.
  • While reading a topic, select the progress bar at the bottom right for full navigation controls.
  • Quickly jump back to the top by selecting the topic title.
  • Enter ? for a list of super-speedy keyboard shortcuts.


Please refer to the FAQs page; How Do I Ask a Question?


  • The continual scrolling feature means you don't have to click a Next button to continue reading posts, just keep scrolling down!
  • As new replies or new topics arrive, they will appear automatically – no need to refresh the page.


  • To reply to the topic in general, use  at the very bottom of the topic.
  • To reply to a specific person, use on their post.
  • To reply with a new linked topic, use to the right of the post. Both old and new topics will be automatically linked together.
    (Use this feature when you'd like to share a related topic, but you do not want to interupt this conversation.)
  • Replies are auto-saved until you cancel, even if you finish on another device.

Your reply can be formatted using simple HTML, BBCode, or Markdown (
Want to learn Markdown? Take this fun 10 minute interactive tutorial! (

    This is **bold**.
    This is <b>bold</b>.
    This is [b]bold[/b].

  • To insert a quote, select the text you wish to quote, then press any Reply button. Repeat for multiple quotes.
  • To notify someone about your reply, mention their name. Type `@` to begin selecting a username.
  • To use standard Emoji (, just type `:` to match by name, or use the traditional smileys `;)`


There are action buttons at the bottom of each post

From left to right these buttons allow you to:

  • like someone's post, letting them know you enjoyed and appreciated their post
  • share a link to a post,
  • bookmark the topic or specific reply for later reference
  • Reply to the specific post (as apposed to the entire topic)


Your Preferences

  • You can receive email digests as often as every 30 minutes (wow) or as little as every two weeks.
  • Any topic you've actively participated in (by creating, replying, or reading for an extended period) will automatically be tracked.
  • You can change your notifications for any topic via the notification control at the bottom of the topic.

  • You can also set notification state per category, if you want to watch every new topic in a specific category.
  • You can customize your User icon or User card background image. Your User icon is visible near any post or reply you enter. Your User card is visible when another user clicks on you User icon near any post or reply you have entered.

Mobile View
When using a mobile device to view the discussion forums, be sure to select the mobile view from the (additional navigation) menu.

Enjoy your community!