May 13th, 2013

Ashley Mclaren, Associate Accountant, College of Engineering

Every month, business staff across campus prepare account reports for faculty members. This resource-intensive work produces information that is ultimately out of date by the time it is delivered to faculty. UAccess Analytics provides account information that is updated every night. Analytics can be intimidating, but Ashley created a dashboard for faculty that is simple to access and use.

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Here's what some Symposium attendees said about Ashley's presentation:

  • "She really understood her users and was able to get faculty (a group of users that don't currently use Analytics much) to use the system to be more efficient and proactive. She presented in a manner that members in the audience could follow and resonated with them which resulted in a lot of questions."
  • "It helped me realize that the system can work for you. There are specific financial pieces that my PI wants to know, and I'd like to make this as easy for her as I can. Ashley did a great job!"


Engineering (Old Engineering) Building, room 301