April 23rd, 2013

The UAccess Symposium is designed to bring together University of Arizona staff and faculty who are interested in furthering the use of UAccess systems in their workplace. The Symposium will provide a forum to discuss ideas, find resources, connect with colleagues, and learn about best practice approaches.

We have a whole series of presentations lined up for you! Because of the number of presentations, we're offering three different time slots with two presenters giving their presentations at the same time! Fortunately, they'll be doing their presentations in separate rooms!

Presentations and Presenters

Our presenters come from all across campus, and they are coming to tell you all about their particular business processes or what specific challenge, obstacle, or issue they've successfully addressed in their organization. Each of the presentations definitely has broad appeal. You just have to decide where your interests lie.

Dr. Andrew Comrie, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Sub Accounts and Financial Reporting Codes
Ron Roberts, Sr. Business Manager, Campus Recreation

In October, 2011, as UAccess Financials was replacing FRS, Campus Rec decided to take the opportunity to update their financial records and reporting processes and possibilities. One way was to incorporate Sub Accounts and Financial Reporting Codes into the process.

Navigating the Recruitment Proposal and Offer (RPO) System
Chris Wolf, Recruitment Coordinator, Human Resources Office

Does your department hire tenured or tenure-eligible faculty? What about multi-year, continuing, or continuing eligible faculty? Business offices can use the Recruitment Proposal and Offer system (RPO) to create Recruitment Proposals as well as Job Offers. This tool can help streamline the process of back-and-forth conversations between the parties involved in hiring faculty by recording and preserving data about decisions made at the various stages of faculty recruitment, such as position approvals and salary offers and negotiations.

Financial Organization Review
Mary Durham-Pflibsen, Budget/Financial Analyst; Amy McClure, Manager, Budget/Financial Analysis; Eller College of Management

What is Organization Review and why is it important? How is it different than ad-hoc review? How do I set up organization review for my documents or department? This presentation will provide the answers to these questions, along with information on criteria to consider when creating an Organization Review.

Using Analytics Agents
Pam Mendel, Sr. Business Manager; Brian Berrellez, Organization Information Coordinator; Yvonne Gonzalez-Lewis, Business Manager, College of Education

The College of Education needed to do two specific things, among thousands of other tasks. They needed to identify approaching grant end dates to prevent grant payroll from rolling over to departmental indirect cost accounts, and they needed to notify departments when grad assistants were not meeting enrollment requirements. They used Analytics Agents to help with the tasks.

Understanding Routing in Financials
Melanie Cooley, IT Training Manager, UITS

How do documents move through UAccess Financials and why? How do Ad Hoc routing and Fiscal Officer review interact? Why did that document not go where you thought it was going to go next? What happens when you add Organization Review to the mix? We will review sample Route Logs in this session to answer all of these questions and more.

Using Analytics to Help Faculty Review Financial Activity
Ashley Mclaren, Associate Accountant, College of Engineering

Every month, business staff across campus prepare account reports for faculty members. This resource-intensive work produces information that is ultimately out of date by the time it is delivered to faculty. UAccess Analytics provides account information that is updated every night. Analytics can be intimidating, but I created a dashboard for faculty that is simple to access and utilize.

Moderated Discussion Panel / Q&A
Moderator Melanie Cooley, IT Training Manager, UITS

Bring your questions, your UAccess issues, and your discussion points to this riveting discussion panel. You’ll be face-to-face with some of the experts from behind the screens you see every day.



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