April 11th, 2017

When:     April 11, 2017

Where:    North Ballroom, Catalina Room, and Rincon Room at the Student Union Memorial Center

The 2017 UAccess Symposium brings together University of Arizona staff and faculty who are interested in furthering the use of UAccess systems in their workplace. The Symposium provides a forum to discuss ideas, find resources, connect with colleagues, and learn about best practice approaches.

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Unable to attend in person? Join us online!

We know you're busy. If you are unable to attend the UAccess Symposium in person, you can still join us online and view any of the presentations live on your computer! You could even set up a screen in your department conference room and have your entire team attend digitally!

On the day of the Symposium, ten minutes or so before your first session is scheduled to begin, download the Instructions and Links for Live-Streaming document. Follow the few simple instructions on that document, click the appropriate link on that document, and you'll be connected to your presentation. Once you've live-streamed your first presentation, you can connect just a couple of minutes prior to your next presentation. It's that easy!

Presentations will also be recorded and will be available at some point after the Symposium for viewing when you're able.

We hope you'll join us online. It's almost like being there!

Presentations and Presenters

Our presenters come from all across campus, and they will be coming to tell you all about their particular business processes or what specific challenge, obstacle, or issue they've successfully addressed in their organization. Each of the presentations will definitely have broad appeal. You just have to decide where your interests lie.

Check In / Registration - 8:00 AM-2:00 PM

Poster Presentation - 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Poster Presentation

C'mon out to the Diamond Atrium to peruse our collection of posters. Individuals from UAIR, UITS, and departments from around campus have devised and designed posters to provide information on their processes, with the hope of helping and encouraging you with your own projects and processes. Take a look!

Opening Presentation - 9:00-9:30 AM

Opening Presentation - Adaptive Planning, Lisa Rulney, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, College of Engineering

Download PowerPoint Presentation (2.7 MB)

Mid Morning Sessions - 9:30-10:30 AM

The Scholarship Cooperative: Uniting the Systems of UAF and UA to Better Serve "One Team"   All Levels / Financials / Analytics / Student
Michelle Mixer, Assistant Director, and Iran Andrade, Scholarship Administrator, Scholarship Development

Learn how to utilize UAccess and the University of Arizona Foundation website (uafdn.org) to successfully administer your scholarship program.

Download Presentation (PDF) (8.2 MB)

The Forgotten Other Views: Formatting with Analytics   Intermediate Analytics
Arthur Delsing, Senior Data Analyst in Research, Discovery, and Innovation

In this session we will explore ways of taking ugly data and utilizing various reporting forms within Analytics to create a usable and pretty report.

Download Presentation (PDF) (2.1 MB)

Introducing UAccess Planning   Beginner Planning
Brian Berrellez, Analyst, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

This session introduces UAccess Planning, a cloud-based system, designed to provide business units (auxiliary, central, college, and department) with a set of business/financial tools to help make better informed decisions. The goal of UAccess Planning is to be a single source for all funds budgeting, forecasting, planning, and reporting that provides a comprehensive view and understanding of both your college’s and the institution’s financial health.

Download PowerPoint Presentation (13.6 MB)

Mid-Morning Break / Vendor Appreciation / Poster Promenade - 10:30-11:00 AM

Be sure to bring a couple of business cards, as there may be a vendor give-away!

Late Morning Sessions - 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

UAccess Financials: Travel Best Practices   Beginner/Intermediate Financials
Denise Blum, AP/AR Operations Coordinator, and Tammy Strom, Assistant Director of Operations, Financial Services Office

The Travel Office will discuss best practices in initiating accurate and timely reimbursements for employee travel via the Disbursement Voucher. The agenda will include policy requirements and navigating UAccess Financials ‘Before the Trip’ and ‘After the Trip’.

Download PowerPoint Presentation (6.3 MB)

The New Streamlined View of Research   Intermediate / Analytics / Research
Arthur Delsing, Senior Data Analyst in Research, Discovery, and Innovation, and Mary Ann Nelson, Program Coordinator, Sr, College of Medicine

Insight into the new Research dashboards and how they’ll be useful to college and departments to see from high-level to detail where your Sponsored Projects lay.

Download Presentation (PDF) (6.4 MB)

Pieces to a Puzzle: Answering Complex Data Questions in Analytics   Intermediate / Analytics / Student
Jennifer Paine, Senior Business Manager, Social and Behavioral Science Admin, and Tara Mysak, Data and Financial Analyst, Eller College of Management Admin

Is your department head worried about missing program fee revenue? Do you spend hours identifying students who are eligible for set-aside awards and helping students receive them? This presentation will help you move from simply “stealing” reports & modifying them to efficiently using multiple reports to find answers to difficult questions.

Download PowerPoint Presentation (7.3 MB)

Lunch - 12:00-1:00 PM

Early Afternoon Sessions - 1:00-2:00 PM

UAccess Financials: Payment Requests Best Practices   Beginner/Intermediate Financials
Andrea Lee, Accounts Payable Manager, and Tammy Strom, Assistant Director of Operations, Financial Services Office

The Accounts Payable office will discuss best practices in utilizing the Purchase Order process for the purchase of goods and services exceeding $5,000 and multiple invoices for a vendor. The agenda will include an overview of Purchase Order process and navigating UAccess Financials invoice approval, encumbrances, line item receiving requirements and the Auto-Approval process.

Download PowerPoint Presentation (7 MB)

An Analytics Framework for Non-Experts   Beginner/Intermediate Analytics
Jean Vock, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, Eller College of Management

Do you find that pictures and visuals are often effective in understanding and communicating complex subjects? This presentation provides a high level visual framework to describe different layers of what we refer to as ‘analytics.’ This framework can be helpful for those that are not experts in the underlying technology of analytics to understand how the top level analytics are built on layers of ‘baseline’ analytics and infrastructure. Using the visual framework and the associated terms can be useful when having discussions about analytics with others, and identifying issues that need to be addressed.

Download Presentation (PDF) (5.9 MB)

Got Mobile? The Future of UAccess Employee on the Go   Intermediate Employee
Tamara Castillon, Principal Business Analyst, Workforce Systems, and Tom Gostas, Development Architect, Institutional IT Applications

We will demonstrate new features for mobile devices and will give you tips on how to improve your experience in UAccess Employee. The introduction of mobile technology delivers a more modern and versatile user interface on a variety of devices such as cell phones and tablets. Come and see the evolution of UAccess Employee!

Download PowerPoint Presentation (52.8 MB)

Mid-Afternoon Break / Vendor Appreciation / Poster Promenade - 2:00-2:15 PM

Be sure to bring a couple of business cards, as there's sure to be at least one vendor give-away!

Mid-Afternoon Sessions - 2:15-3:15 PM

The beginning of this presentation is missing due to technical issues. :(

Trends for Program Management   All Levels Analytics
Maria Swarts, Data and Financial Analyst, Eller College of Management

Data storytelling helps managers see what is happening operationally and supports the decision making process. Now that we have years of data in Analytics, there are so many stories that data can tell. In this presentation, we will look at a variety of Analytics graphs that show trends for proposal / award funding, revenue / expense cash flows, and transaction workload metrics.

Download PowerPoint Presentation (2.7 MB)

Employment Life Cycle Training   All Levels Employee
Hannah Gacey, Senior Business Analyst, Workforce Systems, and Lisa Gundy, Manager, HR Solutions

As part of an effort to create a network of expertise across campus, Human Resources is announcing a plan to create recruitment and employment educational vignettes housed in UAccess Learning – and they need your help. Come share your insights as they discuss this new tool and how it can help you in your HR role.

Download PowerPoint Presentation (25.5 MB)

Download session handouts.

Closing Session - 3:15-4:15 PM

Discussion Panel / Q&A
Moderator Steve Singkofer, Analytics Outreach Coordinator, UAIR

Come prepared with your questions and submit them to the folks at the Registration desk throughout the day (but by 2:00 PM). Steve will collect your questions, collate them, and pose as many of them as possible to our illustrious panel during this one hour session. Time may be available for additional questions from the floor.


If you have any questions, please contact the UAccess Symposium Team.



The North Ballroom, Catalina Room, and Rincon Room at the Student Union Memorial Center