April 28th, 2015

When:     April 28, 2015

Where:    North Ballroom and adjoining rooms, Student Union Memorial Center

The 2015 UAccess Symposium will bring together University of Arizona staff and faculty who are interested in furthering the use of UAccess systems in their workplace. The Symposium will provide a forum to discuss ideas, find resources, connect with colleagues, and learn about best practice approaches.

We have a whole series of presentations lined up for you! Your task will be to decide among the fantastic offerings and choose those you're most interested in seeing. Don't worry, though. All of the presentations will be recorded and will be available online afterward.

Unable to attend in person? Join us online!

If you'd like to test the video compatibility of your computer, click this link to view 2013's opening session: Test my computer's video capability.

Presentations and Presenters

Our presenters come from all across campus, and they are coming to tell you all about their particular business processes or what specific challenge, obstacle, or issue they've successfully addressed in their organization. Each of the presentations definitely has broad appeal. You just have to decide where your interests lie.

Opening Presentation - 9:00-9:30 AM

Our World Ahead
Gregg Goldman, Senior VP for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer

Come and hear about Gregg Goldman's vision for the University of Arizona.

Mid Morning Sessions - 9:30-10:30 AM

Finding the Big Picture: Using Macros on the GEC Template   Intermediate Financials
Christine Duddleston, Business Manager, SGPP/Sociology Business Center, College of SBS

Have you needed to create large, complex General Error Correction (GEC) documents? This presentation will give you a look at how creating and using a Macro in Excel can simplify the GEC process when you have a large number of transfers to process. We will also look at how we used the GEC to map departmental expenses for a “big picture” look at our spending.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

An Introduction to Student Portal   Basic Student
Margaret Flint, Senior Business Analyst, UITS Enterprise Applications Systems

This presentation will introduce you to the Student Portal project. It'll include a demo of the current application, and a discussion of future development. You'll also learn the overall scope and roadmap of the larger Campus Portal project, starting with the development of an Instructor Portal in 2016.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

The Challenges Associated with ACA and ASRS   Intermediate Analytics
Terri Sweet, Human Resources Representative, and Teresa Whetzel, Director of Finance and Administration, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all UA employees who average 30 or more work hours per week be offered health insurance benefits. Are you monitoring employee hours? And what about that recent audit by the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)? Did your department get fined? Do you know why? There are many challenges associated with ACA and ASRS, especially for student employees. All departments must follow University policy in regards to employing students (as well as other non-benefits eligible employees). It’s one thing to be aware these policies exist and quite another to know how to keep track of the information for each employee.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

Mid-Morning Break / Vendor Appreciation / Poster Promenade - 10:30-11:00 AM

Be sure to bring a couple of business cards, as there's sure to be at least one vendor give-away!

Late Morning Sessions - 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Conquer the GEC Using the GLE in UAccess Financials   Intermediate Financials
Lynda Silvain, Financial Analyst, Senior, and Fred Pearson, Financial Analyst, Senior, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Do you have transactions that need to be corrected using a GEC? Need some help filling out those GECs? Would you like to have a chart you can reference for a variety of issues? Then you're in luck. Lynda Silvain and Fred Pearson have created a reference chart with this very purpose in mind. During this presentation they will use their reference chart to guide you through making different kinds of corrections using the GEC. The session includes a demonstration of using the GLE to understand the details of your accounts, completing several GECs, and a peek at the General Ledger Pending Entries tab (found in the GEC) to see if the end result will be what you intended.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

Managing Training in UAccess Learning   Intermediate Learning
Melanie Cooley, Manager, UITS Workshops and Training Team

Anyone with a NetID can log in to UAccess Learning to search for and enroll in classes — but did you know that as a Training Coordinator for your department, you can assign learning to people in your unit, look up their training history, and enroll them in classes? In this presentation, we will explore the ways you can use UAccess Learning and its associated Analytics dashboard to manage training in your unit. If you’ve already been using UAccess Learning, come with questions!

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

Get It While It's Hot: Timely Reconciliation and Back Up   Intermediate Analytics
Jennifer Paine, Business Manager, Senior, and Allyson McAdams, Accountant, Marshall Business Center

When reconciling after the end of a month, have you ever wondered why an expense that you didn’t initiate hit your account? Where did it come from, what is it and who authorized it? You’re not alone. It’s much easier to find out while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind. Why wait until month’s end to find these answers? Find out how to modify the existing dashboard reports (financial and student financial aid) to your needs and set up an agent, so that month end reconciliation isn’t as time-consuming and answers are at your fingertips.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

Lunch - 12:00-1:00 PM

Early Afternoon Sessions - 1:00-2:00 PM

Use of Unofficial Organizations for Org Review in UAccess Financials   Advanced Financials
Gail Nazarenko, Associate Director, Finance and Technology, Parking and Transportation

Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) is an auxiliary department with several Responsibility Centers. Each Responsibility Center has a budget. Performance of each Center and Center Manager is analyzed against his or her respective budget. In order to ensure this level of accountability, PTS implemented Unofficial Organizations, Groups, and additional Organization Review Roles. This provided managers with both the tools and authority to control financial resources in their Centers.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

Responsibility-Centered Management (RCM): Our New Budget Model
Lisa Rulney, Assistant Dean of Finance & Administration, College of Engineering

Department business managers will want to see this overview of RCM to help them prepare for successful navigation of the implementation process. Learn about the guiding principles the RCM Steering Committee used to formulate recommendations for the UA's model, learn the difference between an RCM budget and an incremental budget, and the methods for allocating revenue and expenses in our RCM model. This session will also introduce attendees to the RCM forecasting tool as well as strategies for navigating the UAccess Analytics RCM dashboards.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

  • RCM  - Powerpoint presentation

From Your Spreadsheets to Analytics   Intermediate Analytics
Brian Berrellez, Analyst, Data Solutions, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Are you downloading reports from Analytics only to organize data, group items, or add that extra one or two fields not available in Analytics? This session will teach you how to utilize My Analytics Lists to add items from your spreadsheets into Analytics and provide some tips on making Analytics better work for you. Increase your accuracy by having the most current data in Analytics, and be more productive by not having to regularly spend time manipulating data from Analytics in Excel.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

Mid-Afternoon Break / Vendor Appreciation / Poster Promenade - 2:00-2:30 PM

Be sure to bring a couple of business cards, as there's sure to be at least one vendor give-away!

Mid-Afternoon Sessions - 2:30-3:30 PM

Where Did My Document Go? Routing Dilemmas and How Real People Have Solved Them   Basic Financials
Mary Durham-Pflibsen, Budget and Financial Analyst, Eller College Administration

Why isn't your document approved? What happens when your department approver isn’t available, or if they’ve transferred to another department, or left the UA completely? And why don't your Disbursement Vouchers route to the Fiscal Officer or their delegate? Mary will examine these and other case studies to help you get a better handle on your routing issues in UAccess Financials.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

Other Professional Services: Payments to Domestic and International Employees    Intermediate Employee/Analytics
Nina Bates, Business Administrator, Office of the Provost and Dana Bleau, Director, International Faculty & Scholars, Global Initiatives

This session will provide information regarding the use of Other Professional Services (OPS) payments to domestic and international employees. It will highlight what OPS is, when to use it or not to use it, and how an OPS intersects with immigration regulations. You will learn how to access the policies, and how to complete the form. We will also show reports in UAccess Analytics built to assist this process.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

PCard Compliance: A Journey from the Trenches to Enterprise   Intermediate Analytics
Maria Swarts, Financial and Compliance Analyst, College of Optical Sciences

This presentation will take you on a journey out of the trenches and show you how one department is using the Financials and Analytics Enterprise systems to manage their PCard Program. Do you ever wish you could sit down at your computer and just say “Computer…” and have it build you all the tools you need to do your job? We’re not there yet, but please join us to see how we use the custom search tool in Financials; how we built custom reports from the Card Transactions report in Analytics; and take a tour of the dashboard pages built to assist with the reconciliation process, compliance monitoring, and program management.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

Closing Session - 3:30-4:30 PM

Updates on Updates: Focused Discussion Panel / Q&A
Moderator Melanie Cooley, IT Training Manager, UITS

During the next twelve months or so, the UAccess Research, UAccess Employee, and UAccess Financials systems are scheduled to undergo substantial upgrades to the underlying software. The folks responsible for those different systems will be available to provide some information about the upgrades, and will take your questions.

Posters Presentations

Did you find any of the information on the Symposium posters to be of benefit? Review and download any or all of the posters for yourself and your co-workers! Enjoy!

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North Ballroom and adjoining rooms, Student Union Memorial Center