Our goal is to create a coherent business office curriculum. We will identify Core and Job-Specific building blocks—and the specific classes and tutorials contained within them—so that departments can mix and match to easily create customized training plans for their business office employees.

Core Curriculum: Courses that are essential for business office staff.

Job-Specific Curriculum: Modules that will be appropriate for business office staff depending on their job duties. For example, Travel, which consists of UITS's Travel Advances & Reimbursements and FSO's Travel workshop.

Department-Specific Curriculum: Additional training offered within a department for its business office staff. Not within the scope of this project.

For instance, one office may need Core + Cash Handling (Job Specific) + Procurement (Job Specific) + Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Department-Specific). A different office--or a different set of employees within a large office--might need Core + Sponsored Projects (Job Specific) + Hiring and Benefits (Job Specific) + Payroll (Job Specific).

We are currently compiling a list of all the centrally offered training we can identify. Once we have that list, we will meet with a curriculum team to create a preliminary Core/Job Specific division. We will then take that preliminary outline to campus units for feedback. Once the list is complete, we will share it here.

If you are interested in participating in the curriculum review committee or have questions about the process, please contact Suellyn Hull

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