Eddie Caratachea from the School of Anthropology has developed a series of financial reports for faculty using Analytics. Analytics Agents automatically deliver the reports via email to the faculty members.


Here's what one of the Anthropology Regents professors has to say about the reports the Anthropology Business Office has started delivering to him:

I can report complete satisfaction with the ability of Analytics financial reports to meet my needs with respect not only to accuracy but also...timeliness.... I can now engage in the purchase of field equipment and supplies without constantly haranguing my departmental business office for updated accounting information.


Not bad, eh? Immediately after Eddie's presentation, we will hold a hands-on lab session so you can apply what you just learned about Agents. 


As always, you can attend online or in person. Just let us know in the comments which you prefer.

We will send out an email with the link to attend online the morning of the presentation. During the presentation, those of you attending online can ask questions here in the comments.

Click to download a short guide to the top seven stages of creating your Agent. We suggest you download this and bring a copy to the live session if you wish to join us for the lab time.

You may have already seen the Advanced Working with Agents guide. Regardless, if you are attending the lab time after Eddie's presentation, you should review this document and perhaps bring a copy with you to the session.