2018 UAccess Symposium

Opening Presentation - 9:00-9:30 AM

Opening Presentation - The Future of IT Leadership | Barry Brummund for Karen Williams, Vice President, Informational Strategy and University Libraries

Mid Morning Sessions - 9:30-10:30 AM

Adaptive Planning & OfficeConnect Reporting    Intermediate / Adaptive Planning 
Rosa Fung, Director, Business and Financial Analysis, College of Medicine

College of Medicine-Tucson's utilization of data in Adaptive Planning to prepare reports for the annual All Funds budget and for commitment administration and planning. Meaningful reports are created from Adaptive Planning Reports and Officeconnect which included budget vs. actual, multi-year planning, as well as monthly tracking of activities.

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Electronic Approval Routing    Beginner / Intermediate / Financials 
Jessica ThornburgManager of Business Operations, Eller Dean's Office Finance Team; Tammy L. Strom, Assistant Director of Operations, Financial Services Office; Denise Blum, Accounts Payable/Receivable Operations

Save time & route electronically! Were all receipts electronically generated & emailed? No need to print! Initiate the eDoc, attach the required back-up, and route for approval- 100% electronically. Save time, money, steps, & paper. Learn how to prepare all required documents in Adobe for eDoc attachment. Refresh your memory on allowable attachment policy. Learn how to route for approval & ensure payees have access to approve in UAccess Financials.

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Determining Student Awards and Follow-up   Intermediate / Student 
Helen Horetski, Student Financial Aid Associate Director, Business-Finance; Christine Wong, Accountant, Senior, Student Financial Aid; Julie Treanor, Program Coordinator, Senior, Graduate College Admin

Do you know how to determine students’ need? Do you know if an external award has disbursed to the student’s account? Come to this presentation for strategies on using the Student Fin Aid and Fin Aid Details Analytics dashboard to determine student need and monitor student awarding.

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Late Morning Sessions - 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

There's a Dashboard for That    Beginner / Intermediate / Analytics 
Eddie Caratachea, Associate BI DeveloperUAIR; Mary Ann Nelson, Program Coordinator, Sr.COM Info Technology Services

Come to this presentation to learn about the various reports and dashboards that could make your job easier, if you only knew where they were.

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Travel Best Practices    Beginner / Intermediate / Financials 
Denise Blum, Operations Coordinator and Tammy Strom, Assistant Director-Operations, Financial Services Office

The Travel Office will discuss best practices in initiating accurate and timely reimbursements for employee travel via the Disbursement Voucher. The agenda will include policy requirements and navigating UAccess Financials "Before the Trip" and "After the Trip".

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Mastering the Schedule of Classes    Intermediate / Student
Suhina Deol, Assistant Registrar, Office of the Registrar and Danielle Buhrow, Senior Academic Advisor I, Agricultural & Resource Economics

Room and Course Scheduling will demonstrate an efficient step-by-step method our experts use to schedule classes during Open Scheduling. We will discuss new features that will help you navigate class schedules, classrooms spaces, and room preferences. A handout will be provided to help you go back to your office and start plugging away at the Schedule of Classes like a expert.

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Early Afternoon Sessions - 1:00-2:00 PM

Practical Data & Information Visualization    All Levels / Analytics 
Brian Berrellez, Manager, Business Analytics for CALS Business Services

We often hear about "data visualization" or "presenting business information," and it's all mired in technical speak or has so many details that we often don't see just how to apply all of the opinions about what is best or not. This presentation is for everyone, boiling down all the theory into practical recommendations for you to use now, whether it's in Excel, Analytics, or even Word.

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Payment Request Basics & Best Practices    Beginner / Intermediate / Financials 
Andrea Lee, Accounts Payable Manager and Tammy Strom, Assistant Director of Operations,Financial Services Office

In this presentation the Accounts Payable office will discuss best practices in utilizing the Purchase Order process for the purchase of goods and services exceeding $10,000 and multiple invoices for a vendor. The agenda will include an overview of Purchase Order process and navigating UAccess Financials invoice approval, encumbrances, line item receiving requirements and the Auto-Approval process.

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Life-Cycle of a Student   All Levels / Student 
Inara Lysne, Business Analyst Senior; Becky Ezzo, Business Analyst Senior; Natalie Shue, Business Analyst, University Information Technology Services

Learn about various processes in UAccess Student as a student goes from admission to graduation.

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Mid-Afternoon Sessions - 2:15-3:15 PM

What You Need to Know about Security    All Levels / Security 
Lanita Collette, Chief Information Security Officer, Information Security Office; Teresa Banks, Manager, Information Security - Compliance Programs, Information Security Office; Leo Enfield,Principal Information Technology Manager, Engineering Administration; Alex Alvarez, Information Technology Support Analyst, Principal, The Honors College

What do Yahoo!, Uber, and Equifax have in common? They made headlines for data breaches last year. You play an important role in ensuring that UA’s data remains secure. This session will cover the risks to University data, especially data available in UAccess systems, and what measures you should take to protect it. The tips and tools addressed in this session will also help you understand how you can protect your personal information and home environment.

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Charges, Fees, Assessments, & You    Intermediate / Financials 
Garth Perry, Assistant Director, Budget Office; Jani Fisk, Principal Accountant, FSO; Paul Sandoval, Director, Postaward Services, SPS

This presentation will examine and define the list of additional fees for different accounts such as the Admin Service Charge and University Development Fees.

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Student Center    Beginner / Intermediate / Student 
Kendra Vossler, Business Analyst Senior; Chris Corral, Principle Enterprise Business Analyst; Uriah Bennett, Business Analyst Senior, University Information Technology Services

Administrative users often have access to Student Services Center. How this is different than what students view in Student Center. What transactions are available to students?

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