Units across campus are making UAccess systems work for them in all sorts of creative ways. The UAccess Speaker Series is your opportunity to hear what's working in your colleagues' departments.


Attend a currently scheduled presentation or request that a presenter come to your department meeting. Either way, you get to hear how your colleagues have used UAccess to streamline their business or solve challenges. Who knows what you might be able to put to work in your department?


You can become a UAccess Speaker Series presenter! Suggest a topic and we will work with you to create a presentation. 

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  • Express Delivery Using Agents
  • Account Reconciliation

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You Need a Department Dashboard – Using Shared Dashboards to Share Reports

UAccess Analytics - Intermediate Users

Maria Swarts, Senior Business Manager
Eller College of Management

August 10, 2016
Length: 50 mins

Does your department need a shared dashboard? Do you have questions on how to manage access to your department dashboard? Have you ever seen a report that a colleague built and you would love to know how to steal it for your dashboard? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this lunch and learn is for you. 

We’ll go over how to request a department dashboard and how to manage user access. And in a hands-on exercise, you will learn how to install a simple pre-made report on your dashboard page using cut-and-paste XML coding.

Download session handouts.

You Need a Department Dashboard - Powerpoint Presentation

Dashboard Access Report - XML (for attendees with BI_HR_MED access)

Enroute Pcard Report – XML (for attendees with base access)

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Getting the Full Picture of Student Awards Data: Introducing the New Student Awards Report

UAccess Analytics/Student - Basic Users

Jennifer Paine, Senior Business Manager
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Tara Mysak, Grants and Finance Manager
Eller College of Management

May 25, 2016
Length: 50 mins

With the launch of this new report in Analytics, it is now possible to get a fuller picture of individual students’ financial aid before and after assigning awards as well as a view of an organization’s student awards. 

In this presentation, we will discuss terminology used in the report as well as where the data comes from. In understanding these aspects it is our intention to then explore questions the report can be used to answer from a department-level perspective as well as a college-level perspective.

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Recruitment, Proposal and Offer

UAccess Employee - Intermediate Users

Nina Bates, Business Administrator, Office of the Provost
Chris Wolf, Organizational Consultant / Project Manager, Human Resources

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016
Length: 45 min

Does your department hire tenured or tenure-eligible faculty? What about continuing, or continuing eligible professionals? Business offices shall use the Recruitment system (RPO) in UAccess Employee to create Job Offers.

The updated process streamlines the back-and-forth conversations between the parties involved in hiring faculty by recording and preserving data about decisions made at the various stages of faculty recruitment, such as position approvals and salary offers, funding commitments and negotiations.                                                          

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

     • RPO - Powerpoint presentation
     • Hiring Flowchart Faculty Appointed Competitive - PDF
     • Hiring Flowchart Faculty Appointed Non Competitive - PDF

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Intro to Budget & Budget Updates

UAccess Budget, UAccess Analytics - Beginning to Intermediate Users

Garth Perry, Assistant Director
Budget Office

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015 (This is a repeat of session from 08.26.15)
Length: 50 min

Garth Perry

Do you deal with your department’s budgets? Are you interested in learning more about departmental budget processes? We will discuss basics of security access, tools available in UAccess Budget, transaction processing, and reports in UAccess Analytics. We will also provide updates on what is new in the Budget world and what to expect in the coming months.

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Where Did My Document Go? Routing Dilemmas and How Real People Have Solved Them

UAccess Financials

Mary Durham-Pfilibsen, Budget and Financial Analyst
Eller College Administration

Wednesday, February 25th
Length: 50 min

Why isn't your document approved?

What happens when your department approver isn’t available, or if they’ve transferred to another department, or left the UA completely? And why don't your Disbursement Vouchers route to the Fiscal Officer or their delegate?

Mary Durham from Eller College will examine these and other case studies to help you get a better handle on your routing issues in UAccess Financials.

Document Routing - Powerpoint Presentation

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Conquer the GEC* using the GLE** in UAccess Financials
*General Error Correction eDoc
**General ledger Entry Lookup

UAccess Financials

Lynda Silvain, Financial Analyst, Senior
Fred Pearson, Financial Analyst, Senior
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Tuesday, January 13th
Length: 50 min

Do you have transactions that need to be corrected using a GEC? Need some help filling out those GECs? Would you like to have a chart you can reference for a variety of issues? Then you're in luck.

Lynda Silvain and Fred Pearson have created a reference chart with this very purpose in mind. During this presentation they will use their reference chart to guide you through making different kinds of corrections using the GEC.

The session includes a demonstration of using the GLE to understand the details of your accounts, completing several GECs, and a peek at the General Ledger Pending Entries tab (found in the GEC) to see if the end result will be what you intended.

Download session handouts. Printed copies will not be provided.

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The Challenges associated with ACA and ASRS

UAccess Analytics

Terri Sweet, Human Resources Representative
Teresa Whetzel, Director, Finance and Administration - Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Tuesday, November 4th
Length: 50 min

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all UA employees who average 30 or more work hours per week be offered health insurance benefits. Are you monitoring employee hours? And what about that recent audit by the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)?  Did your department get fined? Do you know why?

There are many challenges associated with ACA and ASRS, especially for student employees. All departments must follow University policy in regards to employing students (as well as other non-benefits eligible employees). It’s one thing to be aware these policies exist and quite another to know how to keep track of the information for each employee.

Terri Sweet and Teresa Whetzel from Student Affairs have agreed to share their combination of best practices, ACA and ASRS guidelines, and UA policy.

Here's a link to the session handout. Printed copies will not be provided.

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Managing Employee & Student Training

UAccess Learning

Melanie A. Cooley
IT Training Manager
UITS Workshops & Training Team

Wed, September 10th
Length: 50 min

Ever wondered what training your new employee needs to take and where to find it? Or have you struggled to find out whether an employee has completed all their required trainings? Help is on the way!

This fall, with the launch of a new learning management system, UAccess Learning, departments will be able to administer and track employee and student training in a single system and UA employees will be able to conveniently access university training programs and workshops in one central location. Working together, Human Resources and University Information Technology Services (UITS) have been piloting the new UAccess Learning system with the Financial Services Office, Human Resources, UITS and the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research.

Come to this session to find out more about the new system and how it can help with your training needs.

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Smart Planner: Providing Students with an Interactive Path to Graduation

UAccess Student

Heather Jepsen
Business Analyst/UAccess Student -SmartPlanner/degree Search
University Information Technology Services

Length: 50 min

Smart Planner provides academic and student affairs professionals the opportunity to increase meaningful interaction with students, such as developmental advising, academic counseling, and personalized guidance/instruction. Future modifications will include the ability to track students’ progress toward degrees and for administrators to forecast seat demand.

It also offers a user-friendly and engaging way for students to view important degree requirement information, providing them the tools to reach their academic goals within four years.

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Scheduling of Classes

UAccess Student

Sergio Canez
Student Academic Specialist
College of Fine Arts

Length: 45 min

The Open Scheduling Period for Fall 2014 is upon us. Join us to hear Sergio Canez share a few tips, including information on combined (co-convened and cross-listed) courses, meeting patterns, enrollment capacities, and dynamically dated sessions. Includes a quick look at a helpful Analytics report that can be used when scheduling classes.

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Organization Review in UAccess Financials

UAccess Financials

Mary Durham-Pflibsen
Budget and Financial Analyst
Eller College of Management

Length: 50 minutes

UAccess Financials has built in reviews that automatically happen when a document is created. But departments can also create customized reviews to make the system work for you.

Do you want transactions over a certain dollar amount to route for special approval? Or should documents of a specific type route to an extra reviewer? Organization Review adds plenty of routing flexibility!

Mary Durham-Pflibsen from Eller College of Management will provide the answers to these questions, along with information on criteria to consider when creating an Organization Review.

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Making Faculty Happy: Delivering Simple Reports Using Agents 

UAccess Analytics

Eddie Caratachea
Business Manager
School of Anthropology

Length: 50 minutes

Eddie Caratachea from the School of Anthropology has developed a series of financial reports for faculty using Analytics. Analytics Agents automatically deliver the reports via email to the faculty members.


Here's what one of the Anthropology Regents professors has to say about the reports the Anthropology Business Office has started delivering to him:

I can report complete satisfaction with the ability of Analytics financial reports to meet my needs with respect not only to accuracy but also...timeliness.... I can now engage in the purchase of field equipment and supplies without constantly haranguing my departmental business office for updated accounting information.


Not bad, eh? Immediately after Eddie's presentation, we will hold a hands-on lab session so you can apply what you just learned about Agents. 


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Using Analytics to Help Faculty Review Financial Activity

UAccess Analytics

Ashley Mclaren
Associate Accountant
College of Engineering

Length: 50 minutes

Every month, business staff across campus prepare account reports for faculty members. This resource-intensive work produces information that is ultimately out of date by the time it is delivered to faculty.

UAccess Analytics provides account information that is updated every night. Analytics can be intimidating, but Ashley created a dashboard for faculty that is simple to access and use.

Here's what some Symposium attendees said about Ashley's presentation after she gave it at the UAccess Symposium:

  • "She really understood her users and was able to get faculty (a group of users that don't currently use Analytics much) to use the system to be more efficient and proactive. She presented in a manner that members in the audience could follow and resonated with them which resulted in a lot of questions."
  • "It helped me realize that the system can work for you. There are specific financial pieces that my PI wants to know, and I'd like to make this as easy for her as I can. Ashley did a great job!"

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Sub-Accounts & Financial Reporting Codes

UAccess Financials & UAccess Analytics 

Ron Roberts
Business Manager, Senior
Campus Recreation

Length: 50 minutes

Ron RobertsSub-Accounts and Financial Reporting Codes are features of UAccess Financials that departments can customize to suit their needs. This presentation covers how Campus Recreation used Sub-Accounts and Financial Reporting Codes to restructure, streamline, and simplify their budgets and reporting.

This presentation is appropriate for business office employees who are responsible for determining the accounting structure in their departments.

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Routing, Delegation, and Search
UAccess Financials

Melanie Cooley
IT Training Manager
UITS Workshops & Training Team 

Length: 1.5 hours, but can be customized to shorter

Melanie CooleyThis demonstration and discussion session focuses on understanding how documents move through UAccess Financials and why. 

How do Ad Hoc routing and Fiscal Officer review interact? What are your options in configuring Organization Review and how can you make sure that the right people in your unit are reviewing e-docs? What does the Route Log tell you about where a document has been and where it is going next? 

We will also cover efficient uses of search functions to locate documents in UAccess Financials. 

This session is perfect if you have questions like: Why did that doc not route where I thought it was going to? How do I make sure that the right people review the document before it goes to central admin? What PCard documents are currently in my department reconcilers' Action Lists?

Request this presentation for your department || Download training manual

Analytics Practicum: Putting It All Together
UAccess Analytics 

Steve Singkofer
Outreach Coordinator
Enterprise Information and Analytics 

Length: 2 hours

Steve SingkoferYou've been to the UAccess Analytics Basic Reports and Dashboards workshop. Maybe you've even been to the Intermediate or Advanced workshop, but you're still not sure where to begin.

Do you and your department need some practical help with Analytics? Do you have a report or series of reports in mind that you'd find useful, but you're not sure where to start or how to get them built? Gather three or four of your co-workers together and schedule this two-hour, hands-on workshop for your department.

You can find more details on the UITS training page

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Using Analytics Agents

UAccess Analytics

Pam Mendel, Sr. Business Manager
Brian Berrellez, Organization Information Coordinator
Yvonne Gonzalez-Lewis, Business Manager,
College of Education

Length: 50 minutes

Analytics Agents can be set to automatically notify you (or someone else) when specific criteria are met in an Analytics report. They save you from having to remember to check that report. Instead, Analytics will automatically tell you when there's something you need to pay attention to.
The College of Education needed to simplify two of their many tasks. They needed to identify approaching grant end dates to prevent grant payroll from rolling over to departmental indirect cost accounts, and they needed to notify departments when grad assistants were not meeting enrollment requirements. Attend this presentation to find out how they used Analytics Agents to help with the tasks.

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