UAccess Symposium Presentations

Adaptive Planning & OfficeConnect Reporting    Intermediate / Adaptive Planning 
Rosa Fung, Director, Business and Financial Analysis, College of Medicine
Electronic Approval Routing    Beginner / Intermediate / Financials 
Jessica Thornburg, Manager of Business Operations, Eller Dean's Office Finance Team; Tammy L. Strom, Assistant Director of Operations, Financial Services Office; Denise Blum, Accounts Payable/Receivable Operations
Travel Best Practices    Beginner / Intermediate / Financials 
Denise Blum, Operations Coordinator and Tammy Strom, Assistant Director-Operations, Financial Services Office
Payment Request Basics & Best Practices    Beginner / Intermediate / Financials 
Andrea Lee, Accounts Payable Manager and Tammy Strom, Assistant Director of Operations, Financial Services Office

Charges, Fees, Assessments, & You    Intermediate / Financials 
Garth Perry, Assistant Director, Budget Office; Jani Fisk, Principal Accountant, FSO; Paul Sandoval, Director, Postaward Services, SPS

The Scholarship Cooperative: Uniting the Systems of UAF and UA to Better Serve "One Team"   All Levels / Financials / Analytics / Student
Michelle Mixer, Assistant Director, and Iran Andrade, Scholarship Administrator, Scholarship Development
UAccess Financials: Travel Best Practices   Beginner/Intermediate Financials
Denise Blum, AP/AR Operations Coordinator, and Tammy Strom, Assistant Director of Operations, Financial Services Office
UAccess Financials: Payment Requests Best Practices   Beginner/Intermediate Financials
Andrea Lee, Accounts Payable Manager, and Tammy Strom, Assistant Director of Operations, Financial Services Office2013
Sub Accounts and Financial Reporting Codes - Ron Roberts, Sr. Business Manager, Campus Recreation
Financial Organization Review - Mary Durham-Pflibsen, Budget/Financial Analyst; Amy McClure, Manager, Budget/Financial Analysis; Eller College of Management
Understanding Routing in Financials - Melanie Cooley, IT Training Manager, UITS
Using Analytics to Help Faculty Review Financial Activity - Ashley Mclaren, Associate Accountant, College of Engineering

Conquer the GEC Using the GLE in UAccess Financials   Intermediate Financials - Lynda Silvain, Financial Analyst, Senior, and Fred Pearson, Financial Analyst, Senior, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Use of Unofficial Organizations for Org Review in UAccess Financials   Advanced Financials - Gail Nazarenko, Associate Director, Finance and Technology, Parking and Transportation
Where Did My Document Go? Routing Dilemmas and How Real People Have Solved Them   Basic Financials - Mary Durham-Pflibsen, Budget and Financial Analyst, Eller College Administration

Sub Accounts and Financial Reporting Codes: The Big Picture  Basic Financials / Basic Analytics - Ronald Roberts, Business Manager, Senior, Campus Recreation
Round Up Time at the FRC Corral   Intermediate Analytics / Intermediate Financials - Maria Swarts, Data and Financial Analyst, Eller College of Management
Managing Cash-Style Accounts: Budgeting, Tracking, and Reporting   Basic Financials / Basic Analytics - Jennifer Paine, Senior Business Manager, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences2014

Top Financials Questions That Aren't About Money - Suellyn E. Caywood,Director, Initiatives/Outreach; Mary G. Baum, Sr. Business Analyst; and Alexa M. Rohr, Business Analyst, Financial Services Office



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