March 2016 Announcement: UAccess Community Migration

January 2016: Microsoft IT Academy Now Imagine Academy, UAccess Financials Classes in February, Save the Date! UAccess Symposium 2016, MSS New Hire Request Update, New Budget Report in Analytics, Tips & Tricks, New Star Members

October 2015: Self Service Quick Links available in UAccess Employee, Paycheck Modeler available in UAccess Employee, New Time Management tutorials available, Tips & Tricks, New Star Members, Supervisor Relationships in UAccess Learning Fixed, Time Approval Process has changed, Set Your WebAuth Timeout, CSW - Campus Community - Service Indicator Request

Septermber 2015 Announcement: Self Service Quick Links soon to be available in UAccess Employee

July/August 2015: New! UAccess Budget Discussion Group, UAccess Speaker Series Presentation on August 26th, New Access Provisioning Tool Available to Campus, Updated! Working with Dashboards, Financial Aid Disbursement Date, User Not Getting Agent Results, Workload Metrics, Tips & Tricks, New Star Members

June 2015: Getting Ready for the July/August Hiring Rush, UAccess Reserach Reports and Dashboards, MSS Position Distribution, Year-End Update, What Action List?, FedEx Report Ord Code Prompts, Tips & Tricks, New Star Members

May 2015: From the Symposium Team, Outlook 2013 Workshops, Tips& Tricks, New Star Members, Is vs Is Not, Multiple NetID search on Security Dashboard, RCM Subject Area coming to UAccess Analytics

April 2015: None

March 2015: None

February 2015: UAccess Speaker Series presentation on February 25th, UAccess Symposium, New Outlook 2013 Workshops, Poster Presentations Needed, Staff Advisory Council, Position Entry Date, Tips & Tricks, New Star Members

January 2015: Get Them Hired Correctly the First Time, Upcoming UAccess Financials Workshops, Where did my document go? Routing Dlemmas and how real people have solved them, UAccess Learning New Feature, UAccess Community Document Library, Call for Poster Presentations, Outlook 2013 Workshops, Staff Advisory Council, Title Display in Job History has been fixed, Business Manager Home Page Reports

December 2014: Thank You!

November 2014: UAccess Speaker Series presentation on January 13th, Redesigned Campus Directory and Phonebook Coming Soon, UAccess Error Update, Staff Advisory Council, Single Day's Payroll Cost for multiple fiscal years, Position Life Cycle, Tips and Tricks, New Star Members

October 2014: UAccess Redesign Coming Oct 17, New UITS UAccess Training in UAccess Learning!, UAccess Speaker Series

September 2014:UAccess Learning is Live!, Report your UAccess Errors, Vacation Sick Comp Usage Report, Student Info Release Code, Tips and Tricks, New Star Members

August 2014: UAccess Learning Going Live!, Research Gateway, & Financials Updates, Report your UAccess Errors, New Dashboards in UAccess Research, Elevated Priviliege Training, Student Info Release Code, Tips and Tricks, New Star Members

Mid-July Announcement: Changes to UAccess Employee and Student Banners

July 2014: New Training Materials for Subcontract Requisitions and PO Amendments, Analytics Update, Our Statistics show last year most new employees were hired in August, New Resources added to UAccess Library Document Library, EPM Table for Budget Data, New Dashboards in Research, New Reports Under Employee, Tips and Tricks, New Star Members

June 2014: Microsoft IT Academy, Microsoft Outlook 2010 Workshops,  What System do you need access to?, Weekly reported Time for ACA, Telecom Statements now in Analytics, Tips and Tricks, New Star Members

May 2014: Microsoft IT Academy, UAcccess Learning News, Position Funding Tool, Student, Yes or No, GPA of All Majors in a College, Tips and Tricks, New Star Members

April 2014: UAccess Learning, UAccess Symposium Wrap Up, DCC and Travel Policies, Dollar of Awards: Obligation vs. Anticipation, Tips and Tricks, New Star Members

March 2014: UAccess Symposium, New Analytics Report, Policy Change to Financials Service Manual, Honors Students, Agent Data Limit, Completed DCCs, New Star Members

February 2014: UAccess Symposium, UAccess Employee Electronic MSS I-9 is live, Outlook Calendaring Workshop, Enterprise Learning Management coming soon, Lost and Found, Faster Dashboard Menu, Grad Students on Probation, Tips and Tricks, New Star Members 

January 2014: No Newsletter sent this month

December 2013: No Newsletter sent this month

November 2013: Sergio Canez Speaker Series, Symposium Call for presentations, Outlook Calendaring Workshop

October 2013: Brian Berellez Speaker Series, Employee Training Management update, Using graphs to display information in Analytics, New Project from EIA and OIRPS, New Prompts for General-Financial Management Transactions Report, Manager Self Service- Designated Campus Colleague (DCC) Update

September 2013: Mary Durham-Pflibsen Speaker series, Employee Training Management update, Analytics App for iPhone/iPad, Editing Old Travel Encumbrances, Adding a sub-account and project code to a Transfer of Funds in UAccess Financials, List of all accounts in your department

August 2013: Eddie Caratachea Speaker Series, Employee Training Management, Delete Job Data, Main Menu in Financials, Supervisor/Time Approver Info, Fiscal Year End, New Star Members

July 2013: Using Analytics Agents, Outlook training, Using Analytics instead of Excel, Effort Certification, Bursar's feeds, PCard Auto-Approvals, Checking Manager Self Service data changes, Tracking by Subject and Sub-Object Codes, New Star Members

June 2013: Using Analytics Agents Speaker Series, New Member Welcome Center, Star Members, Purchase Order Encumbrance Issues, Stores Blanket Purchase Orders, Training Time Reporters, Fund Accountants, Sort Order in Analytics, Entering Multiple Values in an Analytics Prompt, Searching for Information in a Browser Window

May 2013: Ashley McLaren Speaker Series, SPINS Data, Tips&Tricks, General Error Correction, Advanced Search in UAccess Financials, Personalizing the Manager Self Service Work Center