So you have something to say? That's great!

As a speaker, you have choices about how much time you want to commit. You can pick from the options below.

  • Present at the annual UAccess Symposium. Presentations and materials will be archived on the UAccess Community site.
  • Present three sessions over a few months as part of the UAccess Speakers series. Presentations and materials will be archived on the UAccess Community site.
  • In addition to one or both of the first two, you can decide whether to make yourself available as a presenter on a by-request basis. You manage your schedule and only do what you are able to.

What we do to help you: 

  • Work with you to develop a presentation and presentation materials. 
  • Schedule rooms for the official UAccess Speakers series sessions and Symposium. 
  • Promote the UAccess Speakers sessions and UAccess Symposium. 
  • Archive materials on the UAccess Community website. 

Let us know what topics you are interested in! We look forward to hearing from you.

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